Modular Ranch Homes

A modular home is a prefabricated house built in a factory that is put together in standardized sections typically up to 60' long. Modular homes are efficiently produced and well built, they are often less expensive to own than traditionally built homes. Modular homes are built to be energy efficient. The home energy ratings of these homes are excellent and can save you money. If you are looking for a time and cost efficient alternative to give your senior the independence they need, then a custom designed modular home is an option to consider.

The following are three examples of senior solutions where I used modular construction.

The first was an 1,806 square foot ranch home it has (3) bedrooms and (2) full bathrooms Jeanine was building a new home for her and her mother. The plan worked out great she knew exactly what they needed, it helped that Jeanine is a nurse. She put one bedroom and a handicapped bath on one end of the 60' house and two other bedrooms and full bath on the other end. In the middle they put a large living room and kitchen. The first floor laundry and a Jacuzzi tub worked out also. Lastly, the front farmers porch and rear four season sun room are favorite places to enjoy the days.


The second example, is a 54' Cape Style Duplex. Kevin and his wife live on the left side and Kevin's mother lives on the right. but she only lives there (6) months out of the year for now. Kevin and his family planned ahead and sub divided their property. When his mother isn't there they have the option of renting out the unit, later when she needs more supervision and care the housing situation will have already been worked out. The nice option of the duplex is that if you are strapped for cash, you can condo the units and sell one of them.

My third example is a large scale solution. Jim and Nora owned an old lake house cottage with great sun exposure located on an elevated corner lot on a quiet cove off the big lake, really nice. I went out to meet them, their plan was to demo the cottage and build a large colonial. After checking the zoning and talking to Ron the local building inspector, I came back with an ambitious proposal. I suggested that this was a great opportunity to invest for the future. Lets subdivide into (2) smaller lots. We got through the town meeting and the project was under way.

First we designed a 1344 square foot (3) bedroom (2) bath ranch we set that house onto the back lot while they stayed in the cottage. Upon completion, and the short move, we demoloished the cottage and started to excavate for the waterfront home.

Their roughly 4000 square foot farm style colonial really came out beautiful. Nora and Jim had hoped that her mother would want to sell her place and rent the ranch. Well, it took a little time but it all came together: mother, daughter, son in-law and grandchildren are all together enjoying their own space and independence. Jim and Nora's investment was considerable but the outcome has all the bases covered for everyone in the family for all generations with lots of options. It's their "401k", but the "401k" has lots of great perks and they have the security of knowing that they are the gatekeepers of this investment and not Wall Street.

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