In-Law Apartment

Adding an in-law apartment is one of the best proactive decisions a home owner can make. It is a far better alternative to assisted living in my opinion. For many seniors, the property maintenance of their existing home is becoming more of a burden. Assisted living can cost from $30,000 - $60,000/year, an investment that has no future return. The benefits of the services are diminished by the liability of depleting the value of a senior's greatest asset, their home. I encourage seniors to look at all the options such as shared living and congregate housing to start.

A 700 square foot in-law apartment can range from $115,000 -$135,000 as a one time investment which will appreciate in value over time. Its greatest value is helping families cope with many financial, emotional, physical, and social challenges. It produces a win-win solution for the whole family.

Given the greater number of singles struggling to live alone today, adding an apartment to a parent's house produces great alternatives. Given the aggressive growth of the baby boomers, in-law apartments are becoming a highly sought after real estate choice.

Traditionally, in-law apartments are added onto children's homes in a variety of ways. Such as, above a detached garage, on the second floor of a home, as a first-floor addition, in the basement, etc. However, Senior House Solutions can also add on to the aging parents home. This alternative provides the senior with the ability to stay in their own home; a home that is paid for and holds comfort and proximity to familiar surroundings.

One example is Nancy, who owned her home for many years. She was single now but wanted her own space, not wanting to share her mother's house with her. The apartment is very open and contemporary the 10' vaulted barrel style ceiling help to create great volume to the space. The large windows bring lots of sun in and are positioned for maximum air flow through the unit. In all my years of remolding this is one of my favorites. "I love my apartment. It's all I need and I am here for my mother." - Nancy

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Another solution is the bedroom suite addition. My own family chose this solution for our mother's care. Here the 18' x 17' addition was perfect for her. It's located off the main house family room. She has access to the kitchen and the first floor bathroom. The room was designed for future use as a 4-season sun room which works out well. By not putting a closet in the room we did not raise the additional bedroom flag which then leads to question the current capacity of the septic system. We replaced the closet with a large armoire. The large deck and storage under the unit helped to expand its use for everyone. My mother loves her sunny, bright bedroom suite. My sister Gail is so happy with the end result. "Everyone has their own space and privacy. it's great!"

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A third solution would be the A.D.U (Accessory Dwelling Unit). The town of Hudson, Ma. has adopted into their zoning by-law the use of A.D.U.'s. These units add moderately priced rental units to the housing stock to meet the needs of smaller households and make housing units available to moderate income households who might otherwise have difficulty finding housing. These units are attached to existing single family homes about 900 square feet with (2) bedrooms where up to three people can live. The advantage of this zoning is that it allows people to generate income from their property which is not in a multi-family zone. The possible housing use combinations of A.D.U's are beneficial. Town's which offer A.D.U zoning are very proactive, and are reaping the benefits as more and more families choose to live in these towns because of the added value.


In-Law Addition work samples