Handicap Bathrooms

In order for seniors to be safe & comfortable in any living situation, it is important to make the modifications for them to do independent tasks safely. There are ways in which to create this safe environment, such as: installing grab bars near toilet and tubs, raised toilet seats for easier sitting and getting up; and walk in tubs & showers to avoid falls getting in and out of the tub. There are many other ways to create a safe bathroom space for seniors, with our experience in this field we can help you turn your dangerous bathroom into a safe and private place, where you or your parents can feel comfortable.

The following information can help your family finance home modification projects.  The Home Modification Loan Program is a program of the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission in collaboration with, the Community Economic Development Assistance Corporation (CEDAC).

The Home Modification Loan Program provides 0% and 3% loans up to $30,000 to home owners and small landlords. Eligible projects include home security features, air filtration systems, ramps, lifts, widened doorways, bathroom and kitchen modifications, etc.  Those eligible for the 0% loans make no monthly payments and no interest accrues and the home owner does not have to repay the loan until the property is sold or transferred. 

Contact Susan Gillam @ 617/204-3739, e-mail susan.gillam@state.ma.us
For more information, please see the program website www.mass.gov/mrc/hmlp

There are six regional agencies serving 7 regions across the Commonwealth who work directly with applicants through the application/loan process. The Central MA agency is RCAP Solutions Financial Services, Inc.
Contact Linda Dellasanta @ 978/630-6725, or e-mail ldellasanta@rcapsolutions.org

Handicap bathroom work samples